SHE Campaign

We recently launched the SHE campaign (phase 1) at Inspiration Couture London in January 2018. This campaign is a representation of my very own hand picked collection, personal style and life ethos.
Having just had my second child, back to changing nappies, sleepless nights and of course body changes I wanted to send out a very strong message, this is when SHE was born. I chose to model a selection of the ensembles myself as felt having gone through so many changes within weeks of doing this shoot I myself would be a prime example of SHE. Quite a self explanatory word, SHE represents today’s confident woman.
Over the years I have had many brides to be and their family members come to the showroom for shopping & style advice. Some of the comments I have heard range from “I can’t wear this, I’m a mother of two kids” or “these outfits are too bright and not age appropriate for me, they would suit a younger girl.”
I truly believe that whether you are a young single woman, a mother to be, a mother of two kids, a granny or an aunt, it is imperative to always go for a style you ultimately feel comfortable in. If there is a lehenga you absolutely love & actually carry off beautifully the world is your oyster! You attract what you feel and if you feel amazingly incredible then there’s your answer! A colour, cut & style carried off by a confident woman is what will show and reflect. And as women we must empower one another, not bring each other down.
This is a campaign so close to my heart which will be our core focus this year. Be the kind of woman that makes other women up their game, women who can SHINE in their careers, HONOUR their families and EMPOWER other people. As a woman, especially in the Asian community, we have multiple roles. I for one am a wife, mother, sister, daughter & daughter in law, however truly believe that stepping out of your comfort zone and trying new things despite your role as a woman in society is the best way to grow. You are never sexier then when you are comfortable in your own skin and clothes. So whoever you are we can truly help, you don’t have to be the stereotypical size or height.
Thank you to the incredible talent for making Phase 1 of the SHE campaign what it is, a collection of oozing confidence and luxury couture.
Wardrobe: Inspiration Couture London
Jewellery: Red Dot Jewels
Hair & make up artist: Gini Bhogal
Photography: OMJ Photography
Creative stylist: Prits Gohil
Models: Anshu Saggar (myself) & Elena Fernandes

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